About us

Remarkable years of research and development plus actual farm field experience both in agriculture , environment and the market, we synergized the formulation of NaturesBio Organic products, creating more superior quality, all natural and all organic products that really bring Mother Earth’s bounty to the nature and to the people.

Our research, field actual trials are continuous in discovering and hence developing a Microbial Organic Fertilizer, Organic Pest Controller, Organic Animal Health Supplement and Environment Spray Cleanser / Deodorizer, for agriculture crops, livestock & household  and environment waste treatment. A natural and organic that aids to create a greater and more abundant harvest, hence, making a more promising future to the agricultural, livestock and environment sector.

In this light, our company Natures Glory Industries, has adopted the usefulness of natural and organic materials carefully selected. All together are naturally fermented with Natures Beneficial Microorganism forming a perfect combination of an effective product namely:

 NaturesBio  - Organic Fertilizer,

NaturesBio Nim  - Organic Pest Controller,

NaturesBio Protein – Organic Animal Health Supplement

NaturesBio Cleanser – Organic Deodorizer / Disinfectant